Please let us know more about you and how we can better help you with our services.

All first appointments require the purchase of an individual art pack to meet with current health guidelines. If you have sufficiently sourced art media there is no need take the pre purchased option.

Every session you will be given some directives to “draw out” an issue or area of current concern and guided through the process with the therapist to help you navigate a better resolution.

NO group bookings will be taken until further notice. However, we are still able to offer individual counselling options.

Pricing for Zoom meetings and individual sessions are: 30 mins for $60, 60 mins for $90, 90 minutes for $140

Art pack, normally $45 inclusive of postage, delivery NOW $22.50

Please state if you have any allergies or sensitivities to mediums

Leave your name, email and phone number with preferred time to schedule a call at your convenience.

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